About odist

odist was born to bring people together and do good through the voice of beauty. We make products with our community in mind.

odist launched in 2020 on a belief that beauty should be based around community. The process started with a conversation – we asked beauty enthusiasts the sort of brushes they loved, the ones they didn’t and the ones they wish existed. After many conversations, odist worked to create it’s brush range with three exclusive vegan brush types. All of our brushes are sold individually as per request and our Essential Ten set has no ‘duds’, we made sure of it.

It’s great to meet you and now that you’re with us, take a look around and get a feel for our products.

If you want a say in what we do next then sign up. We’d love to hear your thoughts, especially the crazy ones.

We’re in the relationship business. We just happen to make exceptional beauty products.

- Amy Hanbury, Founder

From the founder

Before starting odist I didn’t feel connected to a beauty brand. I’ve always searched for creative, off-beat products backed by responsible brands with good values. Let me tell you, they’re hard to find. It was strange to feel so disconnected to an industry I was deeply passionate about, so I knew if I wanted to seek a deeper connection I would have to start my own niche.

Cue, odist. odist is a community-driven company, born with the aim of bringing people together to do good through the voice of beauty.

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