Our Mission

odist was born with the aim of bringing people together to do good through the voice of beauty

odist Today

Start with giving

We all have a role to play in the fight against climate change. Our actions, however small, can have a profound impact when combined with thousands of others wanting to make a difference so let’s contribute together.

At odist we’re committed to offering cruelty-free and vegan makeup tools and supporting local and global initiatives in the fight against climate change along the way. AED 10 from every order is donated to Goldstandard in support of sustainable developments with added benefits like providing local communities with safe drinking water, protecting endangered species and improving health or creating local jobs.

Goldstandard certified projects range from Reforestation in Costa Rica to Biogas installation in India, which we rotate donations to on a monthly basis.

odist Tomorrow

What we do today isn't good enough tomorrow

Our product development is continuous because we strive to bring you the best but our sustainable initiatives must evolve with it.

We’re committing to our future. Today.

We’ve set transparent targets from day 1 with a clear commitment on our sustainable steps for the coming years to ensure we’re held accountable.

We adapt as we go—we expect to make mistakes—and we’ll learn from it. No doubt our targets will evolve over time, however, we are ready and determined to make fundamental changes as we aspire to set a new a standard for sustainability in the region.

2020 Take Action


From day 1 we’re giving back. 10AED from every order is donated to Goldstandard initiatives that help reduce our carbon footprint and offset unavoidable emissions to support the transition to a low-carbon sustainable future.

2021 Net Zero CO2


Hands up, we’re not 100% clear on our environmental impact, so let’s fix it.

Our target for 2021 is to become truly carbon neutral.

We’ll commission a full impact assessment on our emissions, including scope 1, 2 & scope 3 upstream carbon. This means we’ll evaluate and include carbon in our supply chain and enhance our offset initiatives to ensure we count and offset our true impact.

Naturally, we’ll share the breakdown of our calculations with you

2022 Test Negative


Net neutral is great but the IPCC have agreed we have until 2030 to make a change before our climate hits an irreversible tipping point. It’s vital we go one step further sooner and reduce our carbon footprint to less than neutral.

Our target is to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding it.

We’ll look at our manufacturing, our packaging, our energy consumption and anything anyone tells us we need to look at to get the job done.

2023 > Help us get better

We’re powered by you – our people – our community. We can only achieve our goals with your support.

Please join our community and let us know how we should structure our long term Do Good initiatives.